11 August 2005

Pours Pours Pours

Lately, this site has been getting a lot of attention, so I'll do my best to update it much more often and find some other contributors (if you're interested in contributed images, just email me at botanical@gmail.com)

These are from the Coffee Geek website, which were uploaded by fellow coffeegeeks with a (wierd) passion of espresso porn (such as me!)


Rapid Coffee

Nicholas (an espresso porn contributor)

And the man who got me into porn, JonR

Let me just state that JonR has some really awesome pours and the one above does him no justice. He's got his own espresso porn site here and here.


Charlie Halford said...

Beautiful! Such golden crema... *drools*

mashby said...

I love your site, please add RSS feeds!

Andre said...

RSS Feeds - I definetly plan to! Give me a week!!