25 May 2005

Some of the Best

These are some of the best images from the CoffeeGeek super thread that I started on the eve of getting my naked portafilter. I will only add a few images at a time, as not to saturate this site, so revisit often.



Jake The Coffee Lover

Rapid Coffee



I guess I have to say it: these images were taken from the coffeegeek forums that were uploaded by individual coffeegeeks, such as myself, in the pursuit to share - possibly exploit - the art of espresso porn (or the p.c. name of espressography). None the less, these images are property of CoffeeGeek and I hope they don't ask me to remove them cause I like coffeegeek a lot. =)


Peter aka Pe_tah said...

Yo andre! I just found out one of my pours is in your blog! SWEET! Great blog though... definitely eXXXpresso

bri0n said...

I can't wait to inform my employer that our 4oz. logo shot glass made it onto a "porn" site.