31 March 2005

the rare Single basket

One day, along my espresso journey, I'm going to master the single basket... one day.

BTW, that above shot sucked (pour too quick).

29 March 2005

1/3 Kona

Legal Grounds Cafe blend named Exchange Place from my favorite local roaster Legal Grounds in downtown Jersey City. This blend had 1/3 Kona. Very smooth and fruity.

23 March 2005

Pics starting to look all the same

I need to get a better angle or something cause all my pics are starting too look the same more or less. I guess I'm such a pro Barista LoL. For real though, I need to catch those early droplets so that is my new focus.

I had 2 triples at 8:15p and 9:00 p and now it is almost 10pm and I'm yawning.

Temp surfing needed this morning

The first is indeed blonding, thus we need a little temp surfing this morning for the next (2nd) pour of the day.

The second is the end of the 2nd pour.

The third is towards the beginning of the 2nd pour.

Temp surfing brought back that nutty flavor from the piccolo mondo - yummmm =)

22 March 2005

Kinda blurry

Piccolo Mondo blend by Gimme Coffee, which spent a week and a half in the freezer while I was away on vacation. Read about this blend on my other blog.

Yesterday, Monday, March 21st, 2005


Piccolo Mondo blend by Gimme Coffee - dark roasted, how I like it.